Cape Coral Stamp Club


Who We Are

Our members & guests come from all over the USA. We serve Cape Coral and surrounding areas. Going south is Fort Myers & Naples. Going north is Venice & Sarasota. Also attending is our "snowbirds" that spend the winters here. Everyone is welcomed.

  1. Refreshments                  are served at every meeting. We need volunteers to bring the refreshments to each meeting. The Club will reimburse the cost.

  2. Lecturer

    Every meeting has a presentation. Anyone can sign up and educate the club to their area of expertise or interest.

  3. Behind the scenes
    Of course, there is technical work that is needed. Club officers, membership list updates, auctioneers, runners (during the auctions) etc...

Our Mission


To perpetuate the philatelic hobby by providing a venue where stamp collectors of all ages can come together to learn, trade, buy & sell items to build collections, knowledge & friendship.


a few hours at a club meeting can be the most exciting moments in your month!

an APS Charter Club